Thank you, readers, for following the posts. There are not many left, judging from the statistics. Most have migrated to the site, where the Parables of the Sky resides in its fresh form. The past posts are there also, and they can be searched.

I need to bring this site to a close, but before I do, the new Version 2 of Astronommical Observing From a Biblical View (AOBV) is available at the new site. You can go directly to downloadable courses and get it, or you can read the introduction by following the link below. At the end, it tells you how to get it.

It is free. We don’t keep track of who gets it. It was a labor of love and need that came out of our Philipppine project that caused it to be developed; it continues to serve that purpose. Its companion course (The Creation Study) is available on the same site.

I will check this site for the next couple weeks in case any one has comments or questions. After that, I will close the site.

Thanks very much.  Link to the Version 2 AOBV introduction:

Clear Skies. It is a good day to give thanks.

Roland Beard

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How Big is God?

How Big is God?.  This little story began with a observation of M43, which is a nebula near the Great Orion Nebula. You are invited to read it where we posted it.  Roland

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Those Common Things

The culture of the day relegates the most common things that are created to anything but God. The link takes you to a lunar observation that discusses this very point in the associated story.


Those Common Things.

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Common Scene and the Wake-up Call

Common Scene and the Wake-up Call.

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An Uncommon but Biblical Resolution for 2015

A post from our site that is based on a biblical fundamental (God created) and two observing sessions of the moon….

An Uncommon but Biblical Resolution for 2015.

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Christmas Card Post and a Report

We  have enjoyed some 50 “observing the heavens” events this year. Some were at home, but others were in California, down south, and in the hills of Virginia. Most of those events were attended by people who had never looked through a telescope. About 20 of the events were broadcast on, where we led the development of  an observing sheet with attendees from around the world. It has been a good year to give thanks, although extreme health challenges for my wife were present most of the time.

Our greetings to any followers or newcomers. Please stay safe during this Christmas-New Years period. Remember that your feet are on the very ground and breath the air that the Creator made and mercifully sustains. And, feel free to look at and pass the card below. We sketch our own card each year. Here it is for those who may not have seen it on Facebook or our newly done web site (


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Christmas and Creation

Christmas and Creation.

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