M43–Hidden But Found

Some of most serious plights of man come from a loss or lack of identity. The Biblical perspective of a human being is unique: we were meant to be related to the Most High God, who created us, knew our unformed body before our time, and made a way for us to know him through Jesus Christ. Part of His call comes from the heavens that he created. They point to his power and majesty, but also to his meticulous detail and concern.

This observation of M43 points to the same lesson. By itself M43 is lost in the glow of M42. The casual or new observer will miss it. With attention and a little larger scope, however, M43 is found to be beautiful and detailed–like each one of us is found by God if we call on Him–not matter how hidden or lost we might feel next to overwhelming situations.


Go to the christworks.org web site to see the full story by hitting the inspiration button on the home page. The summary blurb is on the top left; hit the [whole story] link to go to the sketch and story.


About Roland

We avidly enjoy teaching about and observing God's creation. We are active in Christian mission work that often takes us to the Philippines and Asia. the observation of God's creation in terms. Part of the outreach and work is to maintain a site: www.cwm4him.org [or use christworksministries.org]. This site includes inspirational blogs, free downloadable courses, and a history of the charity organization. We aim to share the love of Jesus Christ, who has graciously extended his love to us. Our faith is a walking faith, so faith and works, as much as we are able, are married together.
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