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Two Parables about Christ in Christmas

A couple winters ago I wandered out the front yard on a cold still night. A gentle snow had fallen but the skies were clearing. Today I can still see the scene. When I got to the end of my driveway, … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings

In December of the last three years we have sent an electronic Christmas card to our friends who primarily communicate via electronic media. This is our original card for 2011. We spent quite a bit of time this year teaching about the wonders of … Continue reading

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Praise: what it is–what it is not

We praise what we love, and so the knitting of our hearts is made plain by what we adore, what we look up to, or what we praise. Psalm 148 is interesting because it goes through a series of verses … Continue reading

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Points of Praise

When I picture glee from a child, I see a child throw up hands and arms and shout or laugh. Their approach to praise is simple: express it with their body and their words. Then fears set in as we … Continue reading

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