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A Soft Orion But a Hard Memory

With a medium-sized scope and astro video, I took 90 minutes on Night Skies Network to broadcast the image but also a developing observing sheet while giving a sketch lesson to a few listeners. It makes for an intense time, … Continue reading

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“Cause Me to Hear”

One of the things that changes when a rebirth occurs in a soul is that a person begins to hear differently. The quiet mystery of rebirth is accompanied with a presence of God within. With Christ in the heart, the … Continue reading

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The Flame Nebula: Space Gas with an Attitude

When probing around the beauty Alnitak, one of the glimmering stars of Orion’s belt, a medium-sized telescope will run into a soft area of nebulosity with a some hint of shape and structure. When a little integration of those precious … Continue reading

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20-Year Anniversary

This is a story about observing the heavens but in a larger context because the two included sketches were during an unusual 20-year anniversary: 20 years since Linda, my wife, had cancer the first time. She has had cancer 3 times … Continue reading

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How To See What Cannot Be Seen

In a little 80-mm refractor, a person can stare at the area of the night sky where the beautiful Pinwheel Galaxy is located but can barely see it. It’s surface brightness is low, so without enough light gathering capacity, it’s … Continue reading

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