A Soft Orion But a Hard Memory

With a medium-sized scope and astro video, I took 90 minutes on Night Skies Network to broadcast the image but also a developing observing sheet while giving a sketch lesson to a few listeners. It makes for an intense time, because you talk the steps, repeat quite a bit for those who have not sketched before, run between the scene from the scope and my observing sheet. The resultant image is below.

What I was not expecting was the next day. As I lay on the finishing touches to the less-than-perfect sketch, I remembered teachers and children from the Philippines and Uganda–where optics cannot be found–even a binocular. Of course, I would always like to improve equipment and capability, but it comes down to choices, because I can take a more modest set of capabilities and reach to those that have none. Once you have lifted a child to a scope, show the heavens, and explain the wondrous creation from a biblical view, it does something to people that is hard to forget.

It is just wonderful to teach some of the disadvantaged through NSN, but nothing is like doing it in person. I can still hear the squeals of teachers in the dark at the back of a school compound as they found Jupiter, identified Orion, and grabbed a piece of paper to record what they saw. That’s why some obseving periods–like this one–are hard, because I remember where my heart is.

To see a more complete story and pictures from a believers perspective, hit this link: http://christworksministries.org/inspiration_creation


About rolandlinda3

We avidly enjoy the observation of God's creation in terms of stars, the moon, and earthly things. We teach others to observe what He has made. Part of the outreach and work is to maintain a site: www.christworksministries.org [or use the new address www.cwm4him.org]. This site has been changed to include this blog along with three other inspirational blogs. We invite you to take a look and follow us there. Whether here or at the new site, our purpose is unchanged. We aim to share the love of Jesus Christ, who has graciously kept us and made us excited about seeing what he has made. Our faith is a walking faith, so faith and works, as much as we are able, are married together.
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