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The Sun and Opportunity to Pray

Both of us slept well last night. My wife held food and drink down last night; she woke hungry this morning. We enjoyed a little breakfast and talk this morning. Just before I delivered breakfast, I wandered out the back … Continue reading

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Conjunction and Sadness

I only had ten minutes or so to look out the bedroom window to see the moon, Jupiter, and Venus in close proximity. It was just after sunset. I quickly sketched and returned to my wife. I am sitting across from … Continue reading

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Blindness That Reaches Farther Than The Eyes

It is always a challenge to observe the same object under different conditions because it teaches an observer to reach a little farther each time. However, sometimes the “reaching farther” is because the sky conditions change dramatically. This is what … Continue reading

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Moon, Weather, and Matters of the Soul

Barbers through centuries cut hair and talk to clients. The weather is usually mentioned. Casual conversation among professionals often addresses the weather. Some even discuss what is changing in the sky. It is often a matter of pride and knowledge. … Continue reading

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Spring Evening in the Dead of Winter

It was a rare end of January with temperatures in the 60s during the day and the high 40s at night. With a clear evening and pleasant conditions with a high moon, it was an excellent time to get some … Continue reading

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