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Sunset Glow on a Magnificent Pair

When you see things out of their normal element, it reveals characteristics that are normally not noticed. Isn’t this true of us as well? Often times we find what we are made of when we get outside our comfort zone. … Continue reading

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Reaching Skyward

No sketch this time….just a story. Someone commented to us one time that looking at the night skies must be natural thing for our Ugandan friends because the sky is so dark. I answered this way: “Actually, it is not. … Continue reading

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Settings and Risings on a Sleepless Night

It had been a busy day as we packed boxes to send to mission works overseas. I had watched Linda closely, as she had to force herself to stay alert but was determined to make progress–not giving in to the … Continue reading

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Quite Majestic Heavens in a Raging Sea of Circumstances

Today I quietly watched and listened to my wife. The second and third days after chemo are usually the worst, but she was talking about getting things to put on 4 pallets for our friends in Uganda, sorting more things … Continue reading

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The Bright Stars in the West!!

Friends visited the other night. They were excited. They dragged us outside and asked, “What are those two stars?” It’s a common site these last few evenings, so even people unfamiliar with the heavens have taken notice. Of course, for … Continue reading

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Precious Time Together

For some folks, chemotherapy is a common term. When you take this brute force method of attacking cancer, however, it can be an ordeal. Linda knows; she has taken it more than most. It makes starting the medicine tomorrow a … Continue reading

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Setting Your Face to the Heavens

My wife, Linda, and I got started sketching the heavens when she was in treatment for another cancer many years ago. We were far from home and in an RV in late winter outside the Dallas-Ft Worth area. Chemo is no fun, … Continue reading

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