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The tenor of the scriptures about the heavens is unmistakably clear: He ALONE stretched out the heavens.  The sketch below of NGC 246 includes one of several scriptures that emphasize this point.  It is certainly a beautiful object to observe with … Continue reading

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Color Shock in the Heavens

There are nights of observing when we actually look to be blown away. It had been a hard few days as Linda had just finished chemo. This particular evening she was weak but alert, so I said, “Let me set … Continue reading

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Seasons of the Heart–Seasons of the Moon

Seasons of the Heart and Moon….Time and space are created but God went further. He created specific measurable markable passage of time. The marvelous dance between the of the moon, the earth, and the sun is central to time passage. … Continue reading

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Water for the Soul

How do you feed the anguish of a soul? The search of every heart is some sort of peace or sustenance that feeds the inside, but true water for the soul comes from the Giver of Life–not from other things … Continue reading

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Poetic or Stunningly True?

Job is often treated as a poetic book or just another piece of literature. However, the account is true–providing a shocking series of circumstances and thought provoking conversations that end with a face to face encounter between God and Job. … Continue reading

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