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The Narrow Band of Life

“Life’s a beach!” “Do what feels good!” The energy to do, feel, hear….the rush of the moments or the pursuit of them captivates lives. Sometimes the aims seem good, sometimes not. In the end, it’s so brief. We forget how narrow the band … Continue reading

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Spring Morning Delight: Sunrise Moon

Galaxies were the target the night before. It was a hurry-get-to-bed after the equipment was prepped for the next morning so I could get a few hours sleep. The forecast was good for the early morning; observing the moon around … Continue reading

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Seeing But Cannot See?

It is a special treat to see outside the earth’s atmosphere to the moon but also a treat to see the local stars and star patterns — all well within our local Milky Way neighborhood. But there are nights we … Continue reading

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The Wet Quiet of Spring

We returned home from a long medical day. A light rain started falling. Three days of high humidity and now the rain brings the clouds below the tops of the Appalachians. You see mountains for a few hundred yards up … Continue reading

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Poignant Moon

A couple nights ago Linda and I decided to grab a rare clear spring night and look at the quarter moon. We ran the video image from the scope to the living room and sat a few feet apart. She … Continue reading

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