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The Waning Moon from the San Joaquin Valley

Sometimes you have to get away. It is not that we cannot rest or find God at home, but some situations demand a change in environment and activity to accomplish what is needed. The seriousness of Linda’s health situation demanded some … Continue reading

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Galaxies to the North and the God of Creation

It was a straight forward observing night. The 8 inch Celestron and astro video gear worked as expected. The mount behaved. The first target was M106–not far from the key stars of Ursa Major or the Big Dipper. I sat … Continue reading

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His and Hers: Persistence and the Moon

It was a period of days during a lunar cycle that would normally seem easy to watch the moon, but it demanded persistence to observe for a number of reasons. The story comes after the sketches. The first opportunity we had … Continue reading

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July Memories, Plans, and the Center of the Galaxy

Summer is a special time in the heavens, because the Southern skies show themselves relatively high for those in the Northern lattitudes. Those southern skies show the central region of our own galaxy. July also marks the month when we often … Continue reading

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Split Vision

We have an amazing created ability to see things close at hand but also far away. The same is true for hearing, where we can hear loud sounds but also be listening for quieter sounds. Likewise in planning we can … Continue reading

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