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An Origin Context for Observing Atlas, Hercules, and the “Ghost”

A new lunar crescent is a sight to behold, but most folks miss it because it is low in the sky around sunset. Observing during the first few days of the lunar cycle (usually day 3 to 6) permits observation of craters in … Continue reading

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Gallivanting in a Stellar Ravine

We take our energetic and clear evenings when we can get them. We can be tired from long days and clear summer night skies in August are not that common. So when we have a clear eveningwith energy and no … Continue reading

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Charging after Brazen Color

It was one of those nights when the sky was clear in the South but it was so clear that, when I observed the Lagoon Nebula, I was numbed by the color. The object was so striking and contrast so … Continue reading

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15 minutes is all it takes. 15 minutes of quiet under the summer night skies, where a person gazes over the length of the Milky Way from a location in the Northern Hemisphere on this safe and privileged planet, is … Continue reading

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