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The Wonder of Color for Daytime Earth & Lunar Observing

I never cease to be amazed at scenes that are so common but often missed because we don’t expect such color and contrast in daytime lunar observing. Many of the teachers and children we instruct with our course (Astronomical Observing … Continue reading

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Silence of the Lamb

Julius Caesar is quite a striking crater on the moon.  I had never sketched it before, so it was a delight to discover its features for myself on this October evening. Like many observations of the moon, there were occasional … Continue reading

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M11 Cluster: Beauty in the SW and the Reason to Observe

We recently added three sketches and a short lesson on the reason for observing from a Biblical view on our ministry web site. The link is placed below along with the first of three sketches in the article. My wife … Continue reading

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Proper Sensuality

We live in a world where the senses are pounded to death, and in the wrong way. For every right and good thing that our senses can perceive, there is a counterfeit that beckons. As the age of technology has … Continue reading

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