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Touching the Skies Through Others

Nearly every hobby that involves equipment and some kind of discipline usually turns into a virtual god. I have hobbies, so I am not against them, but they can easily suck up time and dollars. Something happens, however, when a … Continue reading

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Beauty’s Rush from the Greatest Planet

He who fashioned and made the earth, He founded it; he did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited… Isaiah 45:16 (NIV) Beauty’s rush can leave a person scrambling to appreciate something special. Isn’t this … Continue reading

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How far is that?

He watched me when I pointed to a group of stars. Then he looked at the blob on the screen, which was the output from an astro video camera that was fitted to a telescope. The telescope was pointed in … Continue reading

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Passion in the Skies

There is nothing quite like a sparkling clear night when the heavens show the handiwork of God. In view of the night on January 3rd, it seemed fitting to observe a common favorite: the Great Orion Nebula, which is also … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day Thought and Sketch

Most folks live their lives with little thought about the One Who made the universe. Even David in the Psalms implored God to help him consider the length of his days. It would be better to consider these things than … Continue reading

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