Observing Among Moonstruck Children

It as been over two weeks in the Philippines. We cannot really tell who gets more excited when we start pointing at the stars. Sometimes the teachers are as moonstruck as the children. Our first couple nights were peaceful as our friends discovered we were back. I even had time to take a binocular and grab the near-full moon and do a 25 minute sketch. You can see it below. However, it’s the last observation sheet I made until tonight, where all I did was do a quick pencil sketch of objects in Canis Major. There just isn’t time when the children and staff take precedence.


Then we did an impromptu session with the moon and about 30 children. That was followed with class after class after class of little ones, teachers, and occasional parents. We observed the evening moon, then the daytime moon a couple days after full moon, then several nights with staff, who looked at Jupiter, the Pleiades, and Orion during training sessions. Then the kindergarten teachers wanted to get their children “on the roof” (the observing deck). That led to 5 other groups of little ones looking through binoculars and the little refractors. Saturday we will 50 teenagers from the community. Oh my goodness….you can see the pictures below for yourself. The real Star is God Himself. We point to Him, read scriptures everytime, and explain about the wonder of it all at the Hand of the One who spread out the heavens. Just like stars are no cosmic accident, neither are the children.

All the faces are cheerful but some of the backgrounds are not. So to open the skies for them and tell them that the same One who heals the broken hearted and binds up wounds also named every star has impact. The juxtaposition of these two different things is also not an accident; it is Psalm 137:3-4.

We have now trained a staff that can begin to handle the excitement as well as the equipment. They are rooted in the children’s future and love them. It is just the beginning. Word travels fast.



About Roland

We avidly enjoy teaching about and observing God's creation. We are active in Christian mission work that often takes us to the Philippines and Asia. the observation of God's creation in terms. Part of the outreach and work is to maintain a site: www.cwm4him.org [or use christworksministries.org]. This site includes inspirational blogs, free downloadable courses, and a history of the charity organization. We aim to share the love of Jesus Christ, who has graciously extended his love to us. Our faith is a walking faith, so faith and works, as much as we are able, are married together.
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One Response to Observing Among Moonstruck Children

  1. pablo says:

    A Fabulous work!!
    Best for you!!

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