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Healthy and Unhealthy Drama

I sat in my observing area in the backyard¬†before going to bed. It was a warm spring night with clouds, so there was not much sense in putting up a telescope. The quiet was only broken by a few early … Continue reading

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Do you really see when you look?

It sounds like a play on words but it is not. What does a parent do when they train a child to pay attention? Paying attention is something learned; it is not automatic. It takes some time to get a … Continue reading

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Tales of March

Our two month mission trip to the Philippines ended in late March. We left part of our hearts behind. One evening during the final week I was able to observe the crescent moon as it was setting above the local … Continue reading

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Galaxy Point of View

NGC 3628 is a beautiful galaxy to see. While it is faint and requires averted vision with a medium-sized telescope, astro-video permits a little better view and gives a little color since mine has a¬†color-sensitive chip. You can see the … Continue reading

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