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Star Clusters That Should Not Be

We take gathered energy for granted, often forgetting that energy, matter,¬†and time were created at the beginning (Genesis 1:1). Then the magnificent command of God began arranging things. The stars are created on day 4 (verse 16). Now lets take … Continue reading

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Cloud Whisperer

The forecasters for the continental US were announcing extreme weather and gloomy prospects for major metropolitan areas. The alarms sounded on national news over and over again. Mother nature will do this and mother nature will do that. The wide … Continue reading

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Beauty in Variety

One incredible fact about the created heavens is the variety of objects. One can go from a simple eye-view that captures dominant constellations or the faint Milky Way to the detail of specific objects. Individual classes of objects differ one … Continue reading

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Hallowed is His Name

There is something about reading words that are matched to what we see that is self affirming. Observing the wonder of the created heavens is brought into clearer focus when it is seen in relation to words of life from … Continue reading

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False Science and The Aura of the Heavens

Classic and sound steps for the scientific method include an essential foundation that the subject is observable and subject to experiment. So in an “18 billion year universe”, who was there? Can you reach back and measure it? This does … Continue reading

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