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Oh, It’s Just a Moon Rising

It has been a wet Spring and Summer with few clear nights, but July 23 (a day after full moon) had a moonrise through bands of clouds. I did a quick sketch. It is a common sight, but is it … Continue reading

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When Eyes Come Alive

I have read and studied scenes from the the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) for years. Scenes in a book are like scenes in these books in this sense: you have to make the effort to remember what … Continue reading

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Simple Summer Sky Scenes

We often explain to people that observing creation evens the playing field among humankind. So much of the world’s social practices are predicated on partiality or favoritism. Then people who are “better”, or richer, or more educated, or healthier, or … Continue reading

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Paired Beauty — Paired Wisdom

  In the beginning, as God records it in Genesis, He says something astounding about us: we are made in His image. If you do not believe it, check it in Genesis 1:27. From the beginning, we get attention that … Continue reading

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Tenderness in the Morning

When we are doing our own thing, becoming concious in the morning is not particularly noteworthy. However, when God is involved, and He often is, there is a choice, and something can happen that was not planned or expected. I … Continue reading

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Crater Craziness and the Search for Origins

A moon observation period, where I attempted to record an observation of two craters using oil paint, is the subject of a story about the origins of the moon. Of course, the article takes a biblical creation point of view, … Continue reading

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