Simple Summer Sky Scenes

We often explain to people that observing creation evens the playing field among humankind. So much of the world’s social practices are predicated on partiality or favoritism. Then people who are “better”, or richer, or more educated, or healthier, or powerful get perks and benefit while the lesser folk frequently do not. However, the God of the Bible is impartial and looks at the heart–the heart of people relative to Himself. He provides a complex creation on earth and in the heavens that is “in your face” no matter who you are. He expects the grand questions of who we are and where we come from will be generated by what we see. Creation is like a giant sign post that is accessible to anyone on the human highway.

In this light, simple scenes like the moon and a star in near proximity that are shown in the sketch below are enough to get people thinking and asking: “Who did this? How is it so perfect? How can this precision and regularity be explained? Where did the moon come from? What are its influences?”

In today’s culture in education, which relegates nearly everything to chance occurrence over eons of time, a simple scene like the one in the sketch below is essentially considered an accident. But, the anomalies that suggest another solution are numerous. The precision clock that He has made, the details of planetary bodies, and many other things suggest a short history rather than deep time and draw attention to a unique set of specific features of the heavens. All these suggest that the Grand Designer is the “culprit” rather than a naturalistic world view, where everything happens by itself with no direction. The beauty of it all to me is that creation is accessible to anyone with eyes and a heart to consider it.

In that light, anyone can watch, enjoy, and sketch a scene like the one shown below. And, on a hot summer night in North latitudes, the scene is often accompanied by hot, still, muggy conditions that are aptly described in the verses from Job–the same conditions in which I made the sketch.



About rolandlinda3

We avidly enjoy the observation of God's creation in terms of stars, the moon, and earthly things. We teach others to observe what He has made. Part of the outreach and work is to maintain a site: [or use the new address]. This site has been changed to include this blog along with three other inspirational blogs. We invite you to take a look and follow us there. Whether here or at the new site, our purpose is unchanged. We aim to share the love of Jesus Christ, who has graciously kept us and made us excited about seeing what he has made. Our faith is a walking faith, so faith and works, as much as we are able, are married together.
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