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Just the Work of His Finger

The poetic but accurate description of the power of God’s hand is in the well-known verse Psalm 8 that is placed on the observing sheet below. The “little” barred galaxy is one of several types in the heavens. It is … Continue reading

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This is our 2013 Christmas greeting to our blog and facebook readers. If you follow any of our posts or those on the, you know that we teach Biblical creation and sky observing disciplines from a Biblical view. It … Continue reading

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Poor and Don’t Have a Telescope or Binocular?

We often teach observing disciplines from a biblical perspective in places where there is no chance that the average student or teacher will ever see a telescope. What happens to the have-nots? Just taking a plastic child’s telescope to a … Continue reading

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Artists Ignore and the Scientists Scoff

We get odd reactions as we teach observing skills from a biblical worldview. I have submitted observing sheets of the heavens in art venues but the observations are generally ignored. Some scientists look at them and scoff at the layouts. … Continue reading

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Play of Light to the Source of Light

From the play of dawn’s light on a waning moon to light play among the stars in deep space, there will come a time that the believer’s light will be the Lord Himself. As I considered my observation of the waning crescent before sunrise on the last … Continue reading

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Dawn Lesson Instead of Comet Ison

November 25 was a day too late to truly catch Comet Ison but I wanted to try anyway. In addition, the morning was accompanied by low clouds in the East that obliterated any chance of catching it. I watched the last … Continue reading

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