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Spring and Change

Our local area in Virginia had the coldest winter in 20 years. We just returned from a mission trip in Hanford CA, where the winter was the warmest in years but also very dry. But Spring changes things, because the … Continue reading

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Directions of the Heart

The evening started easily enough. We were road-weary and set up our site to rest overnight. Clouds covered most of the sky. After an hour it was apparent that cloud bands were broken up by lines of clear sky to … Continue reading

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For the Praise of His Glory: Worship Under the Skies

What do you think is a demonstration of worship and praise? If you think too hard about what worship is, you might find incredibly stark incongruency. That means, things don’t go together. Consider the following: Some cheer and scream for … Continue reading

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Queen of the Wandering Stars and the Value of Disciplined Observing

Here is a simple but partial observing sheet from a sketch notebook from February 21, 2014 that shows Jupiter in two views. It is incomplete in the sense that we teach folks to include more information, but lets talk about … Continue reading

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The Heavenly Beauty of Contrast

I had not looked at the heavens in earnest until I was 50. If I looked at the night skies, they pretty much all seemed the same. Are they? We thrive on contrast. It can be contrast or variety or … Continue reading

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