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Mars and Aliens

Let’s go find aliens!! A few decades ago, the fever to find aliens on Mars reached its peak. Plenty of movies and science fiction writings fueled the fever. None were found. This last April was a banner month to look … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Star Failure

Planetary nebula’s are an interesting class of objects. Usually they are small (compared to common deep sky objects) and almost look like stars in a small telescope. But, you cannot quite get them focused. That is the hint that it is … Continue reading

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Farewell to Orion

The most casual observers usually know about the Orion Constellation and its most famous object, the Great Orion Nebula, which is also named M42. One of my favorite objects is M43, which is nestled near the trapezium of the Great … Continue reading

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Crater Sketching with the “Peepers”

Spring in Virginia brings a cacophony of sound from the tree frogs. You can tell the arrival of warmer temperatures and more Spring-like conditions in the forest when these little things begin “peeping.” My goodness they can be loud. And, … Continue reading

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Sunscape: Daytime Delight

When reading the Biblical account that God provides on Creation of the Universe, one thing that jumps out is the creation of the Greater Light (the Sun) on Day 4. The moon and stars follow. But it is Day 4!! So … Continue reading

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