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Ready to go out in the dark? (Lesson 2)

FIRST STEPS. Last time we covered getting your eyes, your splendidly designed eyes, adapted to the dark. It takes 15 minutes to see marginally but almost 50 minutes to be completely dark adapted. 15 is enough to go out and … Continue reading

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Naked Eyes–Naked Sky (Lesson 1)

The dream or quest of many observers of the heavens is more and more reach or, in other words, more and more aperture. “Birders” are often the same. First they want a good binocular, then a better one, then a … Continue reading

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Formed Beauty or Accidental Porridge?

As I stroked my wife’s forehead last night, I marveled at the wisdom of God to put a living soul in a mortal body. Her body has been the brunt of a life threatening disease for years, but her soul … Continue reading

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Moonscape around Plato

The simple joy of roving around the surface of the moon from your own backyard is a distinct privilege. In a modern society that is relatively rich, it is still a small percentage of people that have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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The Delight of Sarah’s Galaxy

Sarah’s Galaxy, which is NGC-3628, is delightful to observe. The historical trail to the name is more obscure. One reference cites that the galaxy was named after a poet in the 1800s, but little else is apparent. The name sounds like there is a link … Continue reading

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