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This lesson is purely practical guidance to get started observing on your own with some basic equipment and references. Where I have provided some cost figures, they come from checks on Amazon or Google on prices today (June 30, 2014) … Continue reading

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Summer Midnight Madness (Lesson 5)

This is a practical section that will use your body and your eyes to discover some stuff about the created heavens. First consider the wonder of it all: a safe platform (earth) with a transparent atmosphere that you can see … Continue reading

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Time and Color: Part of Heavens Delight (Lesson 4)

Little Review. So we have learned a few things about observing the night sky: (1) being patient with our eyes to get dark adapted, (2) understanding that observing involves some seeing but observing gets better as you record some of what you see, … Continue reading

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Oh my goodness! The sky moves? (Lesson 3)

We did a little exercise with some teachers and staff in the Philippines. After teaching them a few basics, it was time to get their heads out of the classroom. The assigned task was simple: from a location outside, do … Continue reading

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