This blog was separate, but it was getting hard to manage with our other inspirational posts. As of October 2014, we have made a change. This blog is now nested with Inspiration Blogs on our www.cwm4him.org site, where we post inspirational stories, sketches and pictures on the sky, earth, and people. I will still repost blogs from that site to this location, and occasionally post a separate item, but the new location will be primary.

We teach observing the created heavens overseas but also at camps and events in the US. It is one of several functions of our home-based ministry of helps that we founded a number of years ago. We are about the work of Good News of Jesus Christ, especially in needy regions of the world. Most of our projects involve the development of educational materials and training teachers/staff in ministries that can use our help. This particular blog (including its new primary location) shows how we observe personally, but the sketches and themes are a reflection of what we do in terms of ministry.

For now, this blog will remain here, but we ask followers and newcomers to please visit the Parables of the Sky site on this page and, if you wish, follow us there. All the old posts have been archived at the new location as well as here. Thank you very much. Here is the new link: http://www.cwm4him.org/category/parables-sky/

Roland Beard, founder, Parables of the Sky blog


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