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The Lunar In-Your-Face Signpost

It is so wonderful to have a “close” indicator of God’s hand in the heavens. The moon, because of its orbital characteristics, is easy to see. As a matter of fact, it’s really hard to miss. It’s light fills the … Continue reading

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Summer Skies and Coming Lessons

We had started a small series of blog posts for new observers of the heavens. The next couple lessons give some newcomers a chance to observe and “oldcomers” a chance to review some skills we have covered. SUMMER IS SPECIAL … Continue reading

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Ready to go out in the dark? (Lesson 2)

FIRST STEPS. Last time we covered getting your eyes, your splendidly designed eyes, adapted to the dark. It takes 15 minutes to see marginally but almost 50 minutes to be completely dark adapted. 15 is enough to go out and … Continue reading

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Mars and Aliens

Let’s go find aliens!! A few decades ago, the fever to find aliens on Mars reached its peak. Plenty of movies and science fiction writings fueled the fever. None were found. This last April was a banner month to look … Continue reading

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Sunscape: Daytime Delight

When reading the Biblical account that God provides on Creation of the Universe, one thing that jumps out is the creation of the Greater Light (the Sun) on Day 4. The moon and stars follow. But it is Day 4!! So … Continue reading

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Poor and Don’t Have a Telescope or Binocular?

We often teach observing disciplines from a biblical perspective in places where there is no chance that the average student or teacher will ever see a telescope. What happens to the have-nots? Just taking a plastic child’s telescope to a … Continue reading

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His Throne and His Footstool

The link that is below takes you to a page on our website that includes two observing sheets (sketches with notes) that we developed during an observing period in early November. We broadcast the process of developing observing sheets as we … Continue reading

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