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Formed Beauty or Accidental Porridge?

As I stroked my wife’s forehead last night, I marveled at the wisdom of God to put a living soul in a mortal body. Her body has been the brunt of a life threatening disease for years, but her soul … Continue reading

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Just the Work of His Finger

The poetic but accurate description of the power of God’s hand is in the well-known verse Psalm 8 that is placed on the observing sheet below. The “little” barred galaxy is one of several types in the heavens. It is … Continue reading

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Artists Ignore and the Scientists Scoff

We get odd reactions as we teach observing skills from a biblical worldview. I have submitted observing sheets of the heavens in art venues but the observations are generally ignored. Some scientists look at them and scoff at the layouts. … Continue reading

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His Throne and His Footstool

The link that is below takes you to a page on our website that includes two observing sheets (sketches with notes) that we developed during an observing period in early November. We broadcast the process of developing observing sheets as we … Continue reading

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What’s a Life to God?

There are two answers to the question. One answer is the popular one, but I will present it without the fancy talk so you can see to the heart of what it means. It is the one taught in textbooks in … Continue reading

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Reaching Outside the Galaxy

We had guests on our observing site about a week ago. A pastor, his mother, his wife, and their daughter enjoyed setting up a little refractor, looking at a few objects, and working a  a larger telescope that I had … Continue reading

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Paired Beauty — Paired Wisdom

  In the beginning, as God records it in Genesis, He says something astounding about us: we are made in His image. If you do not believe it, check it in Genesis 1:27. From the beginning, we get attention that … Continue reading

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