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Time and Color: Part of Heavens Delight (Lesson 4)

Little Review. So we have learned a few things about observing the night sky: (1) being patient with our eyes to get dark adapted, (2) understanding that observing involves some seeing but observing gets better as you record some of what you see, … Continue reading

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Heavens and the Earth

This phrase is repeated in the Bible often. When the references are coupled with Genesis and other creation-related references, they present an incredibly strong theme that is utterly contrary to most institutions and popular thought. The link below talks about … Continue reading

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Precious Time Together

For some folks, chemotherapy is a common term. When you take this brute force method of attacking cancer, however, it can be an ordeal. Linda knows; she has taken it more than most. It makes starting the medicine tomorrow a … Continue reading

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Reason to Give Thanks

Most of the readers do not know Jim. Our friendship is relatively new. I cannot say I know him very well, but our brief contacts have been a blessing. He is the founder of Night Skies Network, and I believe … Continue reading

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