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Oh my goodness! The sky moves? (Lesson 3)

We did a little exercise with some teachers and staff in the Philippines. After teaching them a few basics, it was time to get their heads out of the classroom. The assigned task was simple: from a location outside, do … Continue reading

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Ready to go out in the dark? (Lesson 2)

FIRST STEPS. Last time we covered getting your eyes, your splendidly designed eyes, adapted to the dark. It takes 15 minutes to see marginally but almost 50 minutes to be completely dark adapted. 15 is enough to go out and … Continue reading

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Naked Eyes–Naked Sky (Lesson 1)

The dream or quest of many observers of the heavens is more and more reach or, in other words, more and more aperture. “Birders” are often the same. First they want a good binocular, then a better one, then a … Continue reading

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What is Big and What is Small

When we teach Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View, the disciplines include setting up an observing sheet, recording what is seen, and a final step that requires some thinking: evaluating what has been done with a Biblical view in mind, … Continue reading

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Bathrobe Skygazing

I could not sleep. I also could not tell what time it was but the setting full moon told me it was near dawn. I grabbed a robe and went outside for a minute–long enough to see a beautiful sky … Continue reading

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Fall Delights in the Heavens by the Eyes Alone

One of the things Linda and I share with teachers is the magnificent capability of observing the heavens with the eyes alone. We speak of some of God’s meticulous creative ability as we explain¬†how we see scenes with such speed … Continue reading

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The Waning Moon from the San Joaquin Valley

Sometimes you have to get away. It is not that we cannot rest or find God at home, but some situations demand a change in environment and activity to accomplish what is needed.¬†The seriousness of Linda’s health situation demanded some … Continue reading

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