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Moonscape around Plato

The simple joy of roving around the surface of the moon from your own backyard is a distinct privilege. In a modern society that is relatively rich, it is still a small percentage of people that have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Queen of the Wandering Stars and the Value of Disciplined Observing

Here is a simple but partial observing sheet from a sketch notebook from February 21, 2014 that shows Jupiter in two views. It is incomplete in the sense that we teach folks to include more information, but lets talk about … Continue reading

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Poor and Don’t Have a Telescope or Binocular?

We often teach observing disciplines from a biblical perspective in places where there is no chance that the average student or teacher will ever see a telescope. What happens to the have-nots? Just taking a plastic child’s telescope to a … Continue reading

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Eyes of Green….dedicated to our Philippine friends

Dealing with disaster from a biblical perspective helps in this respect: we know we live in a fallen world. It’s broken. While creation shows incredible beauty and intricacy, it also shows that something is deadly wrong. So when disaster strikes, … Continue reading

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Misty Night Orion

We were so busy overseas that getting an hour to just look up at the skies with a telescope alone were pretty rare, especially if I was expecting a clear night. Clear periods in the Philippines do not happen that … Continue reading

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Tales of March

Our two month mission trip to the Philippines ended in late March. We left part of our hearts behind. One evening during the final week I was able to observe the crescent moon as it was setting above the local … Continue reading

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Morning Flip Flop

Weather can change pretty quickly in most places but observing the heavens with teachers and children means you have Plan B and Plan C ready to go. March 3rd was one of those days. The evening before was clear and … Continue reading

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