Thanksgiving Message 2014

Thanksgiving Message 2014.

2 of the pictures pertain to the heavens–one by day, and one by night. The others relate to people and the earth. Please pass the message around. I think it makes a good point.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are in the US or celebrate the day. Be thankful, in any case, no matter where you call home. There is an important reason why it is important. That is what the message is all about.



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Decreasing and Increasing

Decreasing and Increasing.

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A Parable About Galaxy Night Light

A Parable About Galaxy Night Light.

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“From the Rising of the Sun…”

“From the Rising of the Sun…”.

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The Love of Teaching

The Love of Teaching.

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Emeralds in the Rough

The link takes you to the page with this new post. It is on our new site, where we have nested four inspirational blogs. We hope you will enjoy this one, which was developed out of an observing period about a week ago, when we observed the Ring Nebula (M57).  The link:

Clear Skies…


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Quick Announcement on Blog

My wife and I, as mentioned on the front page of this blog, run a little ministry web site. However, the site is a bit beyond my ability to manage because it has a lot more HTML-based management than I ever want to know about. We have constructed a new site that is about ready that is blog-centered using wordpress-related software and templates. When fully ready, it will have our ministry stuff and a section for inspirational blogs (Parables of the Sky as well as three others–Parables of the Earth, People Stories, and Linda’s Spot). We can post more easily for all of them by assigning appropriate categories quickly. There will be no change right now, but change is coming. Hope you stay with us through the transition.

Clear skies and good observing under the created heavens,

Roland and Linda Beard

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