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Thank you, readers, for following the posts. There are not many left, judging from the statistics. Most have migrated to the http://www.cwm4him.org site, where the Parables of the Sky resides in its fresh form. The past posts are there also, … Continue reading

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Little Duckies Asterism

Most folks are shocked and wowed at big things. We tend to be naturally partial to things or people with importance, authority, wealth, and fame. The little person is lost in the clutter. And, believe it or not, most folks–even … Continue reading

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Numb to the Naked Facts?

It happens all the time. We have a propensity to forget what is important. Husbands or wives take each other for granted, until something happens and the realization of the importance of the relationship is awakened. Children take a place of safety with adults for granted, until something … Continue reading

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An Eagle for Him and Her

The Eagle Nebula is a large stellar cloud with a cluster of jewels in the midst. Linda and I have equipment to see a widefield view of this beauty, and it was her request for the night of August 26th … Continue reading

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Late Summer Delight (Lesson 8)

It’s that time for new observers from northern lattitudes to try some new delights in the southern night skies. In late August and early September, when you look directly south, the Milky Way rises in front of you. The sketch I … Continue reading

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Starry Hosts Brought Together!! (lesson 7)

So tonight or the next night you have time, you get to see the “marshaled starry host” for yourself if you follow the simple instructions here. Feel free to copy them and the drawing that helps show what to do. … Continue reading

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Summer Skies and Coming Lessons

We had started a small series of blog posts for new observers of the heavens. The next couple lessons give some newcomers a chance to observe and “oldcomers” a chance to review some skills we have covered. SUMMER IS SPECIAL … Continue reading

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