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Christmas Card Post and a Report

We  have enjoyed some 50 “observing the heavens” events this year. Some were at home, but others were in California, down south, and in the hills of Virginia. Most of those events were attended by people who had never looked … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Giving Away What You Have

Sometimes people have a funny idea about mission work, thinking it is travel to exotic places and speaking to thousands with little effort or work. That is not reality. What is reality is the quiet joy of giving what you … Continue reading

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A Perfect Summer Night

The observing sheet (below) was developed last night. The sky conditions were poor but the day and evening were typical for the hotter part of our summer season. The July and August nights that hover around 75 degrees F while the … Continue reading

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The Waning Moon from the San Joaquin Valley

Sometimes you have to get away. It is not that we cannot rest or find God at home, but some situations demand a change in environment and activity to accomplish what is needed. The seriousness of Linda’s health situation demanded some … Continue reading

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His and Hers: Persistence and the Moon

It was a period of days during a lunar cycle that would normally seem easy to watch the moon, but it demanded persistence to observe for a number of reasons. The story comes after the sketches. The first opportunity we had … Continue reading

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Poignant Moon

A couple nights ago Linda and I decided to grab a rare clear spring night and look at the quarter moon. We ran the video image from the scope to the living room and sat a few feet apart. She … Continue reading

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Color Shock in the Heavens

There are nights of observing when we actually look to be blown away. It had been a hard few days as Linda had just finished chemo. This particular evening she was weak but alert, so I said, “Let me set … Continue reading

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