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Summer Midnight Madness (Lesson 5)

This is a practical section that will use your body and your eyes to discover some stuff about the created heavens. First consider the wonder of it all: a safe platform (earth) with a transparent atmosphere that you can see … Continue reading

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Time and Color: Part of Heavens Delight (Lesson 4)

Little Review. So we have learned a few things about observing the night sky: (1) being patient with our eyes to get dark adapted, (2) understanding that observing involves some seeing but observing gets better as you record some of what you see, … Continue reading

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The Delight of Sarah’s Galaxy

Sarah’s Galaxy, which is NGC-3628, is delightful to observe. The historical trail to the name is more obscure. One reference cites that the galaxy was named after a poet in the 1800s, but little else is apparent. The name sounds like there is a link … Continue reading

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Paired Beauty — Paired Wisdom

  In the beginning, as God records it in Genesis, He says something astounding about us: we are made in His image. If you do not believe it, check it in Genesis 1:27. From the beginning, we get attention that … Continue reading

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Hallowed is His Name

There is something about reading words that are matched to what we see that is self affirming. Observing the wonder of the created heavens is brought into clearer focus when it is seen in relation to words of life from … Continue reading

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Galaxy Point of View

NGC 3628 is a beautiful galaxy to see. While it is faint and requires averted vision with a medium-sized telescope, astro-video permits a little better view and gives a little color since mine has a color-sensitive chip. You can see the … Continue reading

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Galaxies to the North and the God of Creation

It was a straight forward observing night. The 8 inch Celestron and astro video gear worked as expected. The mount behaved. The first target was M106–not far from the key stars of Ursa Major or the Big Dipper. I sat … Continue reading

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