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Numb to the Naked Facts?

It happens all the time. We have a propensity to forget what is important. Husbands or wives take each other for granted, until something happens and the realization of the importance of the relationship is awakened. Children take a place of safety with adults for granted, until something … Continue reading

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Mars and Aliens

Let’s go find aliens!! A few decades ago, the fever to find aliens on Mars reached its peak. Plenty of movies and science fiction writings fueled the fever. None were found. This last April was a banner month to look … Continue reading

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Queen of the Wandering Stars and the Value of Disciplined Observing

Here is a simple but partial observing sheet from a sketch notebook from February 21, 2014 that shows Jupiter in two views. It is incomplete in the sense that we teach folks to include more information, but lets talk about … Continue reading

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The Local Neighborhood: the Delight of Watching Jupiter

The wonder of the heavens for many observers falls into distance categories: the local solar system neighborhood, the galactic neighborhood, and outside the galaxy. For this time of year in 2010 the largest planet and brightest object outside earth’s orbit … Continue reading

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