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Late Summer Delight (Lesson 8)

It’s that time for new observers from northern lattitudes┬áto try some new delights in the southern night skies. In late August and early September, when you look directly south, the Milky Way rises in front of you. The sketch I … Continue reading

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Queen of the Wandering Stars and the Value of Disciplined Observing

Here is a simple but partial observing sheet from a sketch notebook from February 21, 2014 that shows Jupiter in two views. It is incomplete in the sense that we teach folks to include more information, but lets talk about … Continue reading

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Eyes of Green….dedicated to our Philippine friends

Dealing with disaster from a biblical perspective helps in this respect: we know we live in a fallen world. It’s broken. While creation shows incredible beauty and intricacy, it also shows that something is deadly wrong. So when disaster strikes, … Continue reading

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A Date Under the Stars

It’s one thing as we remember our first walks together when we were serious about each other. It is entirely another when we do this today–over 40 years later. God not only made and ordained marriage between a man and … Continue reading

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Misty Night Orion

We were so busy overseas that getting an hour to just look up at the skies with a telescope alone were pretty rare, especially if I was expecting a clear night. Clear periods in the Philippines do not happen that … Continue reading

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Morning Flip Flop

Weather can change pretty quickly in most places but observing the heavens with teachers and children means you have Plan B and Plan C ready to go. March 3rd was one of those days. The evening before was clear and … Continue reading

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Passion in the Skies

There is nothing quite like a sparkling clear night when the heavens show the handiwork of God. In view of the night on January 3rd, it seemed fitting to observe a common favorite: the Great Orion Nebula, which is also … Continue reading

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